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Delaying the Resumption of Play

I realize that, philosophically, putting the ball on the floor when the offense is slow getting a thrower is a big no-no at the college level (and I don't do it in my HS games, either).

My question is, is there any rule that would even allow us to do that in either NCAA code?

For the men's game I believe the answer is no. Rule 4-10.1.c.1 allows us to give a player delay warning for “Repeatedly delaying the game by preventing the ball from being promptly put into play, such as delaying the administration of a throw-in or free throw by engaging in a team huddle anywhere on the playing court." Then Rule 4-32.2 says “When a team is not ready to resume play promptly, as in Rules 4-10.1.b.2 or .3 and 4-10.1.c, the officials shall issue one warning to either the head coach or the team and report the warning to the official scorer. Thereafter, a Class B technical foul shall be assessed to the head coach or a player of the team for any delay that has previously received a warning under these rules.”

So my understanding is that by rule, unlike NFHS which requires the (ridiculous) resumption-of-play procedure, there is nothing in NCAA-M that allows placing the ball on the floor, either during normal action or following a timeout. In either situation we can give a player delay or coach delay (respectively) but we can never put the ball on the ground (notwithstanding the aforementioned philosophy that this is not an advisable practice).

Any thoughts? And on a related note, when is FED going to finally get with the times and allow more delay warnings for situations such as this rather than giving us only the option of the ROP procedure?

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