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Unfortunate Stoppage ...

Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
Stop play and put the ball in play where the incident took place and let the result take place. No different than a fan coming onto the court or some other unfortunate stoppage.
7.1.2 SITUATION C: A1 is dribbling in Team A’s backcourt when the ball is deflected by B1. The ball gets away and contacts a child who is (a) walking inbounds (on the playing court); The official sounds the whistle. RULING: In (a), the ball is not out of bounds since the person contacted, the child, was inbounds. However, for safety reasons the official should stop play and resume from the point of interruption. Team A, the team last in control, will be awarded a throw-in at a spot nearest to where the ball was located when play was interrupted. (4-36; 7-2-1)
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