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Rule Number 126 ???

Originally Posted by BigT View Post
I tell them this and its worked great over the years.
Here's my forty-year old secret.

When coaches question one's rule interpretation in any way, just quote the rule number. I'm not talking about sections and articles, or the words, just the rule number.

One only has to know a few: Rule 9 Violations, Rule 10 Fouls, Rule 7 Out of Bounds and Throwin, Rule 8 Free Throws, and of course, the "Duct Tape" of the rulebook, Rule 4 Definitions.

(If one isn't sure, just say Rule 4, "Coach, that's a proper adjudication of Rule 4".)

Most coaches think that there are hundreds of rules, so they'll be impressed that one can quote Rule number 4 the same manner as one could quote Rule number 126.

They'll scratch their head and seem dumbfounded and during that momentary lapse in arguing one can be all the way over on the other side of the gym.

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