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Be Late, Be Right, Be Needed ...

Originally Posted by LRZ View Post
Rule 2-6: "No official has the authority to set aside or question decisions made by the other official(s) within the limits of their respective outlined duties." Setting aside the T's poor positioning and lack of hustle, let me play devil's advocate: how do you (the L) know you are right (no contact) and he is wrong ("I had a good angle and I saw contact")?
For me personally, with a well respected experienced veteran partner, even if it was very late in a very close game, this is not a double whistle situation (travel/foul, held ball/foul, etc.) and there will be no conference on the court (as with offering helpful information on a single whistle out of bounds call). However, there may be a conference ("What did you see?) in the locker room, unless I'm the much lower ranked official and my partner thinks he's God's gift to basketball officiating, in which case there will be no locker room conference.

If the trail was spanking brand new (as new as a dew drop on a leaf at twilight), or the worst official on my board (not the sharpest tool in the shed), especially if it was very late in a close game (as in the original post), I would never overturn his call (see LRZ's Rule 2-6). Rather, I would intercept him and stop him on the way to the reporting area and have a short conference, starting with me saying, "What did you see? Did you get a good look at that?". If he says something like, "Since she missed I figured that there must have been some contact.", I'll respond with, "Well I had a great angle and this is what I saw ...", and offer my partner the chance to change his call (inadvertent whistle), but only if he want to.

On the other hand, if he responds confidently, "The shooter got slapped on the arm from behind.", I'm responding, "Nice call. Thanks for the help" and let him report the foul while I go and line up the rebounders and find the shooter as any good non-calling partner should.

If the trail is the worst official on my board (not the the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree), and the call was in the beginning of the second period (not as in the original post), I'm probably doing nothing other than thinking to myself, "Well, he blew that one. Hopefully it will be his last blown call of the game".

If he's spanking brand new (as new as the dawn), and the call was in the beginning of the second period (not as in the original post), and the rookie official has some potential to be a good official, I probably would, at halftime, or after the game, in the locker room, broach the subject about making calls outside of one's primary coverage area (be late, be right, be needed).
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