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Originally Posted by LRZ View Post
Rule 2-6: "No official has the authority to set aside or question decisions made by the other official(s) within the limits of their respective outlined duties."

Setting aside the T's poor positioning and lack of hustle, let me play devil's advocate: how do you (the L) know you are right (no contact) and he is wrong ("I had a good angle and I saw contact")?

My approach might be something like this: "I had a good angle, close to the play, and I had a clean play. What did you see from mid-court/30 feet away?" You might have to live with his call and let him go or stay table-side, then block him on Arbiter.
In the OP you said there was "six inches between the two," implying there was zero contact. By rule if there is no contact there cannot be a foul. If there's any contact whatsoever, then let him live and die with it. But I'm not letting some career first-year official decide the game with his laziness and idiotic play-calling. And as much as we try and say "we should officiate the same way the entire game," the reality is that an incorrect call at the end of the game is exponentially more consequential than one in the first quarter.

Kinda reminds me of the video a couple years ago posted to this forum where the one of the officials stepped over the other official administering a throw-in to call a 5-second violation. Sorry, but I am not allowing that in my game.
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