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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
Agree. Enough to be aware, but not enough to confuse one.

One of the reasons why I publish my list of Misunderstood Rules (no major changes this year).

Knowing these rule misconceptions in advance can help basketball officials understand where players, coaches, parents, and fans, are “coming from”. Rookie basketball officials can benefit from this article by clearing up any misconceptions that they might have had coming into basketball officiating after years of being a player, or a fan.
And for the record that list is great. I have used it in variation over the years. Often we have to deal with misconceptions as much as real rules and those misconceptions come from other levels of basketball or part of other levels of basketball. I often with coaches unpack the myths of their misconceptions which come from other levels. It is not new. And the NCAA took many little rules that were the same as the NF and change them which caused more confusion lately. I will never stop talking to coaches and addressing these misconceptions. As I as often they do not know what you are talking about and leave it alone because you sound more knowledgeable than they are on the subject as well, which you should be.

I just will never understand people on this site that think these are linear conversations.

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