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Originally Posted by LRZ View Post
Today's case play: BI on a TI, 2 points awarded.

On a TI, A1 throws the ball, which bounces off the rim, and while the ball is in the cylinder above the basket, B1 touches the ball and knocks it away. Ruling: BI and 2 points, because BI does not require a try or tap.

Goaltending does require a try or tap, so if B1 touches the ball before it hits the rim, it's not goaltending because the throw is not a try or a tap.

BI on a throw that, if it went in, would be a violation by the throwing team? If I had this happen in a game, I would have gotten it wrong.

Query: If BI occurs on a TI from beyond the 3-point line, do you award 3 points? Or is this throw considered not "from the field by a player behind" his/her arc?
OOB is not behind the 3-point line. It is OOB.
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