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I still feel this should be treated as a deflected batted ball that goes into DBT. The fielder never possessed it, it was still considered a batted ball since he/she never had it in his/her possession, and he/she unintentionally deflected it.

Unless there's a specific case play saying that when a defensive player provides additional impetus to a ball that causes it to go into DBT where it otherwise would not have, treat it as a "thrown" ball, then we can't just make up that ruling.

This is the NCAA case play I mentioned above.

A.R. 9-40. A pitched ball is rolling on the ground as the catcher, while trying to retrieve it, accidently [sic] kicks the ball into dugout. Is it still a pitch with only a one base award? Does it matter if the pitch is no longer is moving when there’s contact with the catcher?
RULING: It is considered a pitch until it becomes a batted ball or is thrown by the catcher. The award to base runners would be one base and it does not matter if the ball, at the time of the contact with the catcher, was moving or stationary.
(Rule 9.11)
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