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Originally Posted by Tru_in_Blu View Post
I found USSSA rules on line. These are the only 1 base awards listed.

D. One base:
1. If a pitch by the pitcher from the pitching position on the pitcher’s
plate goes into a dead-ball area, becomes blocked (unless blocked by
the offensive team), or lodges in an Umpire’s equipment.
2. If a fielder loses possession of the ball on a tag play and the ball enters dead-ball area.
3. If forced from the base occupied by a following runner who must
advance because a batter receives a fourth ball, is hit by a pitched ball
or hits a fair ball which becomes dead.
4. If a runner is attempting to steal or the runner is forced from the base
occupied by a batter-runner or runner who must advance because the
catcher or any fielder obstructed a batter (such as stepping on or
across home plate, pushing the batter to reach the pitch, or touching
the bat). Instances may occur when the infraction may be ignored or
when the batter may be awarded first base.
5. If the fielder unintentionally carries a live ball into dead-ball territory.

Maybe our guy remembers #2 above and got it confused. I don't know.
I don't know what the USSSA rule says for the award, but NFHS says here that the award would be one base from the moment the ball enters that dead-ball area, not the moment the fielder lost possession. Is the USSSA award the same, one base from when it goes out of play?
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