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There has been much discussion about this play on a couple of Facebook groups. This game was played in the OhioHSAA NW District in Bellevue H.S. approximately 70 miles east of Toledo, and I do not know who were the Game Officials.

Here is my observation and it is the same as the first time I saw the video in Facebook:

1) From the very start of the Throw-in the T is not in proper position. His starting point should have been no further away from the End Line that the FT Line Extended. I do not like throwing the T under the bus but he has no excuse for being so far away from the FT Line Extended.

2) Once W2 received the Throw-in Pass from W1 the T never closed down toward W2. It appears that he follows the Ball to the Basket instead of staying with the play. Even more puzzling is that it appears that he saw W2's pull B2 to the floor by her hair and choose to do nothing by the fact that he gave a "safe signal".

3) What do I have? The Ball was Live when W2 grabbed B2 by her hair and forcefully pulled her to the floor. I have a FPF charged to W2. W2 is disqualified from the Game. B2 is awarded two FTs and then Team B is awarded a Designated Spot Throw-in nearest the Spot of W2's PF.

As one see from the WTOL article that the OhioHSAA has become involved. I read in another article the W2 is the daughter of Team W's HC and has a basketball scholarship to a MAC school; I do not know how true that report is. I do not know what kind of action that the OhioHSAA can or will take with the T but I would not want to be in his shoes.

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