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Originally Posted by crosscountry55 View Post
...For which his school was subsequently fined $20K, and Iím sure itís in his contract that this will come out of his pocket. To his credit, he has already apologized and accepted responsibility.

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Has the official in question? Suppressing coach speech to improve the perception of the state of officiating is a dangerous game. Forcing people to say they are sorry when they are not doesn't help either. This was a huge call late in the game, from a weird spot on the floor, sold badly, and wrong and then compounded with a technical foul(*). Freeing up everybody to speak their mind about that is much more likely to lead to catharsis, healing or necessary changes then the current kabuki we're in.

(*) And I would assume based on the score and delta from where they would have been without this call effectively ended the game, though I didn't see it and have no interest in going to check.
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