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Originally Posted by ilyazhito View Post
The horn sounded prematurely, thus I would treat it as an inadvertent horn. An inadvertent horn is to be ignored, unless participants are distracted by it. This may be the reason why deecee chose to ignore the horn and score the goal if 2.5 was the proper time on the game clock.
It was not an inadvertent horn. It was clearly the signal to end the period, albeit prematurely. That doesn’t matter. The ball is still dead when the period ending horn sounds indicating that the game clock has expired, unless a try is in flight.
That is what we have here happening here. The referee may correct the timing error, but the goal simply cannot be scored.

What if the player catching the ball drives to the hoop instead of immediately shooting? Let’s say the horn sounds and then he takes two dribbles while moving into the lane and subsequently puts the ball into the basket. Are you going to count that? The defense may not even try to defend. If your ruling does not work for that situation, then it cannot work for the less extreme case either. How to handle a timing error near the end of a period has ONE solution only. It must cover all cases. This is not a 2-3 situation. You can’t just make whatever decision you want. You need to adhere to the rules.
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