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There are two issues to discuss here because the ball is clearly in the playerís hands when the horn sounds, so that point is not part of the discussion.

The first issue is to inquire if there was an obvious timing error and what the rules permit the referee to do about it.

The second issue to discuss is the impact of the period ending horn upon the players involved in the game action.

I wonít answer for FIBA because I have no idea about those rules. Iím no expert in NBA or NCAA either, but figure that in the contests with a courtside monitor the officials could use frame by frame with a timestamp or a stopwatch while viewing the video to correct any timing error. An NCAA D2 or D3 game or JC contest without a courtside monitor is more interesting from an officiating standpoint and should be like an NFHS game.

Now for NFHS, the referee may correct
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