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Originally Posted by Camron Rust View Post
What other cases are you (as a referee) going put the ball at the disposal of a player by bouncing the ball to a player other than for a throwin or free throw?

The ball isn't at a player's disposal when it is bounced to them. It is at the disposal on a bounce only once it gets to them an dis caught (as in b). That is the point of this question....disposal, live ball, counts, etc. all begin when the player is handed the ball, catches the ball on the bounce, or could execute a throwin but are delaying. A ball in route is still dead.

I get that -- I just read that question and see a player on the court inbounds -- thrower out and freethrower on the line -- I also process that bounce as it being caught because in my head I see my self bouncing it and them catching it. Just the way my brain processes those two things lol
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