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Originally Posted by MOVBlue View Post
There is another question which I didn't like because the changed portions of the answer and all could be correct or 1 could be wrong in my opinion.

"A ball is at the disposal of a player in all of the following situations, EXCEPT:"
options are
"a. Handed to a thrower or free thrower.
b. Caught by a player after it is bounced to him/her.
c. Placed on the floor at the spot.
d. Available to a player after a goal and the official begins the throw-in count.
e. Bounced to a thrower or free thrower."

They changed wording on B that I don't like and E isn't totally complete -- so I would pick B caught by a player -- because 4-4-7 says "caught by a thrower or free thrower after it is bounced to him/her." Switching player for thrower free thrower is more poorly worded to me that "bounced to a thrower or free thrower" But all of them could be considered correct since b and e are both partial statements.
What other cases are you (as a referee) going put the ball at the disposal of a player by bouncing the ball to a player other than for a throwin or free throw?

The ball isn't at a player's disposal when it is bounced to them. It is at the disposal on a bounce only once it gets to them an dis caught (as in b). That is the point of this question....disposal, live ball, counts, etc. all begin when the player is handed the ball, catches the ball on the bounce, or could execute a throwin but are delaying. A ball in route is still dead.
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