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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
Funny you say that. It is what we are supposed to do at by those that run the state, but I rarely see officials do it to a tee. I also agree, that those might have decent signals, but cannot rotate properly or call in their area or give good secondary help.

This explains most college officials I know. Sorry to those but I love working with guys with solid college experience because of that very fact. They might not be perfect, but they understand the game.
The only thing that bothers me is when I'm in a high school pregame with a college official (and I am one of those) and he wants to talk about college stuff, be it rules or just bragging about himself. All that does is confuse non-college officials and makes it feel like you are big-timing. Thankfully this does not happen too much.

Once we get out on the floor, I don't really care if you use a signal that isn't in the back of the book. I care if you get plays right, are a good partner, apply the correct rules and switches, communicate well, handle business, and manage the game.
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