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Originally Posted by HLin NC View Post
The key to NFHS philosophy on OT is they want the game over. It doesn't always work out that way but we rarely see sextuple OT games in HS. Its not that uncommon to have multiple periods in college.

If you want to foul your way out of it, then that's the team's problem.
Maybe your area doesn't see multiple OT games, but Michigan seems to. This season only three games though have gone multiple OT's. Of those, two went three OT's and the other went 4OT's.

I still think if they want to end the games earlier, increasing the distance from start to the endzone would do that more than going from the 10. From the 10 you are in FG range for most HS teams. Going back to the 20 or 25 and now you need a kicker to win the games. (With that said, a lot of OT games appeared to be 1 point margins in Michigan, so maybe a PAT isn't that easy for a lot of teams in this state.
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