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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
Being good play-callers or game managers and having good mechanics do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Some have the whole package and can do it all.
I never said they were mutually exclusive.

My point was that all these “purists” get so hung up on being technical that they don’t even bother trying to improve in the things that actually matter.

Also, following the Manual to a T doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with good mechanics. The Manual still says we’re supposed to give a prelim on every foul. Who the hell teaches or actually does this in real life? And some of the most by-the-book officials I know have the worst-looking mechanics. You can tell they’ve never seen themselves on film or practiced in a mirror.

I would take a partner any day who is sharp, crisp, and can manage a game but may occasionally use an “unapproved” yet more descriptive signal to the table (which is another issue with the NFHS altogether) over a pedantic, overly technical partner who doesn’t have much to offer other than book knowledge and telling people when they do something that isn’t 100% by the book.

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