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Originally Posted by The_Rookie View Post
A few members in my association believe there were a mechanics change for 3 person high school under the following situations:
1) Lead Opposite table calls foul on offense and no free throws...No Switch?
2) Lead Table side calls foul on offense and no free throws..No Switch?
Are there any other mechanics changes for this season?

My new 2019-21 NFHS Officials Manual, having just arrived yesterday from another state I work in, is here in front of me. Just did a surf and survey through it to compare it with the previous edition. The two changes cited above are not found in the text. It's probably true that the "long report and return" mechanic is unofficially followed in many places beholden to NFHS mechanics. But it's not in the NFHS manual. The only real changes are a few wording revisions and a correction of the previously switched around signals #38 and 39. Some speculation existed that they'd have officials "go opposite table" after reporting, but it appears that the NFHS is still the only major mechanics set to "go tableside". I think.
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