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DC uses their own procedure (this was developed by DCIAA, the governing body for DC public schools, but is used throughout DC by the DCSAA, the umbrella organization for scholastic sports in DC). In DC, there is a coin toss before the 1st overtime period with 3 choices (offense 1st, defense 1st, end of the field). The 1st overtime period starts 1/10 for A from the 20 (unless moved by penalty). If needed, the 2nd overtime period starts 1/10 for A' (the team that played defense 1st in the 1st overtime period). If that does not resolve the situation, there is a 3rd and final coin toss before the 3rd overtime, which starts 1/G for A from the 10. Options alternate in any additional overtime periods, which also start 1/G from the 10.

In DC, succeeding spot enforcement in the 1st 2 overtime periods would result in B getting the ball 1/10 from the 35 yard line.
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