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Originally Posted by chapmaja View Post
Thank you.

I personally think this is a crap rule, because it is inconsistent with the effect of the penalty at other points in the game.

For example, we have a 4th down stop by the Team B at midfield. After the play is over (but before the ball is spotted for play) Team B commits a DBPF by pushing a Team A player to the ground. The penalty is 15 yards, so Team now gains possession at the Team B 35 yard line. We still have a first and 10 situation. Since a live ball foul on a scoring play, (in the OP, roughing the kicker IIRC) can be penalized from the succeeding spot, which would be the point the ball is kicked off from.

If they want to have the penalty result in that substantial of a penalty it needs to be consistent at all points of the game. First and goal from the 25 in OT should be the same as first and 25 during regulation, in my opinion.

I also think OT should do what college does and start from the 25 rather than the 10, which would make this rule argument moot anyway.

And in Wisconsin we DO start from the 25. States are free to use the NFHS recommended procedure or create their own. We use the NCAA tiebreaker rules.

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