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Originally Posted by The_Rookie View Post
Assistant Coaches can help and come on the floor during a fight without penalty. What about an Athletic Trainer?
In another change, assistant coaches now will be able to go onto the court with the head coach in an effort to restore order when a fight breaks out among players. “It can be difficult for officials to separate players involved in a fight on the court,” Wynns said. “This change will allow assistant coaches to enter the court with the head coach to assist officials in regaining control of the situation and restoring player safety.”

10-5-5 Note: The head coach and any number of assistant coaches may enter the court in the situation where a fight may break out - or has broken out - to prevent the situation from escalating.
Rationale: Based on some fight situations that I have seen and heard about over the last couple years at the high school level, I believe that this change, which was instituted at the NCAA level, is a change that is good for the game of basketball and in regard to player safety. It is difficult in our society for officials to be able to help to separate players involved in a fight since our society has become very litigious. Changing the rule to allow the head coach and assistant coaches to assist in these types of situations will help the officials to regain control of the entire situation more quickly and especially in regard to player safety.

Bench Technical (10-5-5 Note): This addition to the rule permits assistant coaches to enter the court to assist in controlling a fight that has broken out or is about to break out. This change does not preclude the responsibility for bench control. The head coach must preplan what assistant coaches must do in such a situation. An assistant coach must be designated to remain at the bench to maintain control of bench personnel.
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