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Originally Posted by Freddy View Post
I'll take one and let others take the others:

Q: Preference on having a joint Captains/coaches meeting or Separate with each coach and the Captains?

A: NFHS Officials' Manual prescribes, for those who follow it, only the "Single Conference", meeting with the head coaches and two captains (and how many other players wanna gather for the Cum Ba Ya moment) in front of the table. Unless they change it in the new manual coming out this pre-season.
In Illinois that is the standard and what we do. In Indiana, for some reason, they have a meeting with captains and then a meeting with the captains separately. I cannot stand the separate meetings. It is a waste of time from the jump, but a bigger waste to do it twice. And officials that I have been around, likes to tell coaches things they would never say with the kids there. It just is awful. My 2 cents.

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