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Catcher Cannot Remove Helmet?


In a Facebook umpire group for Little League umpires, someone posted a video of a LL Baseball runner who was caught in a rundown between third and home. During the rundown, the runner was obstructed heading toward home when two defenders (the pitcher and catcher) were both in the runner's path waiting for a throw coming from the third base side. The catcher caught the throw and placed a tag on the runner as the runner tried to weave through the two defenders.

Obviously, the original poster was hoping for some dialogue about the obstruction violation. But one umpire (at least I assume he is an umpire) posted that the runner was safe because the catcher removed his helmet/mask and tossed it between home plate and the mound to get involved in the rundown. He was adamant that the rule on catcher's equipment required a catcher to wear the helmet/mask, and since there wasn't language in the rule when a catcher is allowed to remove it, it must stay on at all times.

Wow. Just wow. Where do some of these "umpires" come up with their rulings? Has this gentleman never been to a baseball or softball game in his life? Has he ever watched baseball or softball being played on TV?

So I just checked the NFHS rule on catcher's equipment. Sure enough, 1-7-1 also doesn't specify that the catcher is allowed to remove her helmet/mask during the course of play. Just curious if any of you have ever run across a coach, parent or umpire who claims the catcher must keep her helmet/mask on at all times.
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