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Originally Posted by bbman View Post
Does this ruling also apply to baseball?
I'm not a baseball guy, so this could be 100% wrong. In baseball, this is Type A OBS (OBS on a runner being actively played upon, to my limited understanding), and the ball is dead when the OBS runner is played upon and put out. A baseball guy will correct me if this is wrong.

Originally Posted by Tru_in_Blu View Post
2. If the obstructed runner is put out prior to reaching the bases they would have reached had there been no obstruction, the umpire shall call “time” and award the obstructed runner and all other runners, the base they would have reached had there been no obstruction.
^^ This is correct...I did not check the manual when I posted my reply, and I forgot this was the case. Depending on how far past 2B R2 had made it, I can see a scenario where R2 is awarded 3B, rather than 2B. Since the ball died when it was at the plate, I can't under any circumstance award her home. Absent the obstruction, she'd have never reached home safely. The ball was there when it became dead.

Originally Posted by ilyazhito View Post
"Time!", "That's obstruction! You (point at runner on 3rd base), score! You ( point at runner from 1st base), score on the ball out of play!" R2 is awarded home, because she had reached 2B at the time of the overthrow. Therefore, 2 runners score on the play.
The important thing is that the overthrow is IRRELEVANT. It happened after play was, by rule, dead. I didn't see in OPs post that the overthrow went out of play, but F2 might have thrown the ball to the moon...we still can't rule on that. Based on this play description, only OBS R1 scores.

Originally Posted by Big Slick View Post
Interesting that's the umpire manual language. In accordance with the rule:
8 5 B 2 Effect A: The ball is DEAD.

I know, I know, the big "time" vs. "dead ball" debate.
I won't touch this debate with a 60-foot pole. All I know is, in softball, you'll never go wrong killing live play with "Dead ball". "Time" is for a timeout or stoppage of a potential play, such as a conference, sweeping the plate, or catastrophic injury....or slowpitch.
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