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2016 reply from KR: (in red)

It gets a bit trickier when both ball and bat are moving.

The first argument is that if both are moving when contact is made over fair ground, then we have a dead ball and the batter is out.
A second opinion is that although both bat and ball are moving, if the bat is actually moving away from the ball but the ball "catches up to it" and hits the bat in fair territory, then we just play on - live ball.

If the ball and the bat are moving the umpire must judge which hit the other, the ball hit the bat or the bat hit the ball. When in doubt keep the ball live and play on

Considerations: If contact occurs over fair territory and

both bat and ball are airborne; when in doubt play on and leave the ball live
the bat is on the ground spinning on or close to a foul line; Did the ball hit the bat or did the bat hit the ball, judgement
after dropping the bat, the batter trips and kicks the bat up the first base line where it comes to rest just inside fair territory when the ball rolls up against it which prevents the ball from going foul (intent?); Ball hits the bat then keep the ball live
after bunting and dropping the bat, the batter trips and kicks the bat which then contacts the ball (intent?). Batter responsible for their bat, bat hit the ball while still moving, dead ball batter out.
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