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Originally Posted by ilyazhito View Post
North and South Dakota have approved additional signals from the men's and women's college mechanics manuals, such as the punch on player control fouls, hit to the head, 2 hands, and hit on the arm signals. Because North Dakota and Minnesota now use the restricted area arc, they have also adopted the point to arc signal. Maybe more states are approving additional signals on their own.
I'd be happy to see FED add more "approved" signals if for no other reason than to shut up the blowhards that whine about "unapproved" signals.

I do find it funny that people always talk about wanting the signals that college has. I don't think men's NCAA has many, if any, more "approved" signals than high school. I think people just don't lose as much sleep about it at that level.

At the end of the day, if states see it as a big enough problem, they will make a change on their own or just not care.
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