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He Was Going For The Ball ...

Originally Posted by ilyazhito View Post
North and South Dakota have approved additional signals from the men's and women's college mechanics manuals ...
This is a signal that I wanted added to the IAABO Mechanics Manual Signal Chart:

I was told that although some on the four person IAABO International Co-Coordinators of Interpreters liked the idea, it was ultimately not approved, mainly because it was not an approved NFHS signal, and they wanted NFHS and IAABO signals to be as similar as possible.

Old timers here in my little corner of Connecticut were taught, and have been using, this signal for decades, but the young'uns are not being taught the signal.

Coach: "Hey BillyMac, he was going for the ball".

BillyMac: "Didn't you see my signal coach? The intentional foul wasn't for no play on the ball, or for a jersey grab, or a push from behind, or a bear hug, or for contact away from the ball with a player clearly not involved with a play, or for contact with an inbounder. It was for excessive contact".

Coach: "Thanks for the explanation BillyMac. You're doing a great job officiating tonight. By the way, did anyone ever tell you that you look just like George Clooney?".

BillyMac: "Thanks coach. And yes, I'm told that all the time".
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