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Originally Posted by Manny A View Post
That's gotta be the PU's call. I don't see how the BU in "C" is going to be able to tell that F4 had a shot at making the play or not. It's not going to be very credible if he/she makes the call when the PU has a better look at F4's position and movement toward the ball. The only way I see the BU calling it is if it's blatantly obvious she could make the play (e.g., she's leaning down to field it and not shifting laterally with speed), and the PU just has a brain cramp.
Let's keep in mind that from the OP, the correct call here might be no call.

Lots of players, coaches, and some umpires will be very quick to make the dead ball call when a batted ball hits a runner. But sometimes, given the position of the fielders, no call should be made at all.
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