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I understand some of the roles of replay, but did anyone think that the out-of-bounds replay that resulted in Virginia getting the ball back was not what they had in mind? No way that is ever called Virginia's ball earlier in the game, but now it is. Imagine trying to sell that call to a coach? Reminded me of a play at the end of a Husker lady basketball game a few years ago. Nebraska down 1, missed a shot, the opponent rebounded the ball with about 25 seconds left. Nebraska girl went to strip the ball from the rebounder, hit her in the wrist and forearm, knocking the ball loose and immediately out-of-bounds. No foul called and ball was given to opponent. Nebraska asked for a review and got the ball back since opponent last to touch it (Nebraska never did touch it- they hit the arm). Nebraska scores and wins the game, and you could tell the official in question knew this situation was unfair to the opponent....
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