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I still say its a stupid play to throw to 1st base to try and keep a walked batter from advancing to 2nd with a runner on 3rd. Pretty easy to beat this supposed play, throwing to first never activates the lookback rule so the runner at 3rd can stay off the base as long as they want, and the ball is 40' further away from them than it would be if the pitcher had it. Ya, you may have thrown to F3 at 1st, but if I was the offensive coach I would simply have my walked batter overrun 1st base down the line a little and then make a wide arc toward 2nd base. The lookback rule isn't in force because F3 has the ball, and now F3 has to decide to chase after the batter/runner made a wide turn to 2nd and let the runner on 3rd advance home, throw to 2nd to try and play on the batter/runner advancing and let the runner on 3rd advance home, or simply let the batter/runner advance to 2nd uncontested and keep the runner at 3rd.
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