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Originally Posted by Mark T. DeNucci, Sr. View Post
Aren't you forgetting:

NFHS R2-S1-A10 says: "Missing First Base Before the Throw Arrives. If a runner passes first base before the throw arrives, she is considered to have touched the base unless an appeal is made. If an appeal is made, it must be made prior to the runner returning to first base while the ball is live."

What does R2-S1-A10 tell us?

MTD, Sr.
Not sure where you're going with this. The rule you cited tells us pretty much the story.
  • Live ball appeal?
  • A play was being made on the BR @ 1B?
  • BR stayed at or near 1B? i.e. not trying to stretch a hit
  • Base umpire should initially rule safe and then wait to see if the appeal is made?
  • Cannot call time out as the ball is still live? (Assuming no catastrophic injury.)
  • I give up. What DOES R2-S1-A10 tell us?
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