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The time between 2nd and 3rd Ts was maybe 10 seconds so coach hadn't been notified just yet. He's a long time coach in this league (as am I from the officiating side of things) and he was as calm and cool as you could be about it.

As for piling on the Ts...I don't think that was the case here...this kid had taken issue with a PF committed against him early in Q1 where he got knocked down and he got up a little chippy about it....we talked to him and told him to calm down...then a little later is when he picked up his first T.

JRut ...our question was just surrounding him being disqualified and acting like a tool picking up the 3rd T. If he's still on the floor at the time that 3rd T is whistled, he's not a participant at that point due to the 2nd so just questioning administration of the penalty. I think we handled it properly as there was no not giving that 3rd T for slamming the ball down and it bouncing about 10' in the air.

So not only did that cost his team that game but now the hot head has to sit next weekend and it's the first weekend of their tournament (single elim)
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