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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
The defender clearly got in front of the cutter/ball handler. Now in live time this was very close. But his feet are both "set" which is not a requirement and not sure what his torso has to do when both your feet are planted in the ground?

Both feet must be on the floor to obtain know that. The player must also be in the path...that means torso in the path, not the feet. The space occupied is defined by the body (torso). The feet being down defines the time that the position of the body becomes legal. It does not allow the body to continue to move to a new space if it is too late to do so.

Guarding is the act of legally placing the body in the path of an offensive opponent.....

A player who extends an arm, shoulder, hip or leg into the path of an opponent is not considered to have a legal position if contact occurs.
By rule, the player is only legally occupying the space their body is in when the feet come down. They do not legally occupy the space over the feet without the body being over them.
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