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Inaccurate Lineup Card Question

At a college game I watched last week, a player came to bat for the visiting team with a runner at third base. She grounded out to F4 with R3 scoring on the play. Then, the offensive coach came out to talk to the PU. The PU then went over to talk with the defensive head coach, and I saw her make a change to her lineup card. The final result of the discussion was that R3 was returned to third base.

Afterward, I heard that the batter who grounded out to F4 was listed in the lineup card with an incorrect number. Instead of "Smith, S, #5", she was listed as "Smith, S, #6". The ruling was because the defense identified it before the next pitch, the offending player is ruled out, and all play resulting from the batted ball is nullified. This is the procedure in NCAA Rule 8.3.2(d)

My question is based upon the Note that is in 8.3.2 that states, "A player's name supersedes a listed uniform number (See Rule 5.7)" Maybe I'm wrong, but as I read that, wouldn't the fact that the name "Smith, S" was the batter who batted, and since the name is correct, the number being incorrect is really irrelevant? I'm just trying to understand the purpose of that Note.

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