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Originally Posted by Kansas Ref View Post
I often see NF level officials who use non-NF mechanics/signals during a game. For example,

1) when chopping in the clock a ref will make a 'fist' and snap it in hemi-circle, instead of vertically stricking an open-hand downward. I have seen NBA and NCAA refs do this; however, to my limited knowledge this is not NF-approved?

2) when signalling a "Block" I frequently see NF level refs bouncing their closed fists off their hips several time s in a rather animated fashion; however, in my limited knowledge I believe the NF mechanic is to place both open hands on your waist between the index and thumb area.

3) when a FT attempt misses the ring entirely, I frequently see NF level refs hold up an index finger and swirl it several times; however, in my limited knowledge I believe the NF mechanic is to sound your whistle, raise your arm with an open hand, and point in the other direction [optional to say "no ring/no rim"] and indicate that we're heading the other direction.

4) when and "and 1" [player scores on an offensive rebound and gets fouled so we're shooting 1] I frequently see NF level refs do a "fist punch" signal to indicate the action; however, in my limited knowledge Ibelieve the NF mechanic is to simply hold up two fingers and strike down, then 1 finger to indicate next action [i.e., one FT is to be attempted next].

I could go on but I'll just end it here...

Aside from a 'purist' point of view, is there anything troubling about these observations?
For point #1, I chop time in using an open hand.
For #2, I use open hands, but I bring both hands down forcefully on my hips.
I do not use the "swirlie", as the usage described is not even related to the way it should be used. The "swirlie" is an NBA signal for basket interference. For FT violations, I just use open hand, say what the violation is, and point the other way.
For #4, I drop the hand that was in a fist for the foul, and then show 2 fingers (or the touchdown signal, if a 3-pointer). I then show 1 finger for 1 shot. My "last-second shot scores" signal is similar, except it starts with ano open hand instead of a fist (and no free throws).
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