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Originally Posted by Kansas Ref View Post
I often see NF level officials who use non-NF mechanics/signals during a game. For example,

1) when chopping in the clock a ref will make a 'fist' and snap it in hemi-circle, instead of vertically stricking an open-hand downward. I have seen NBA and NCAA refs do this; however, to my limited knowledge this is not NF-approved?

2) when signalling a "Block" I frequently see NF level refs bouncing their closed fists off their hips several time s in a rather animated fashion; however, in my limited knowledge I believe the NF mechanic is to place both open hands on your waist between the index and thumb area.

3) when a FT attempt misses the ring entirely, I frequently see NF level refs hold up an index finger and swirl it several times; however, in my limited knowledge I believe the NF mechanic is to sound your whistle, raise your arm with an open hand, and point in the other direction [optional to say "no ring/no rim"] and indicate that we're heading the other direction.

4) when and "and 1" [player scores on an offensive rebound and gets fouled so we're shooting 1] I frequently see NF level refs do a "fist punch" signal to indicate the action; however, in my limited knowledge Ibelieve the NF mechanic is to simply hold up two fingers and strike down, then 1 finger to indicate next action [i.e., one FT is to be attempted next].

I could go on but I'll just end it here...

Aside from a 'purist' point of view, is there anything troubling about these observations?

I hope someday assigners and supervisors who are so anal about this stuff are gone from the game. Nobody should care. I hire for a lot of schools. I don't.

Stuff like this is #26 on my top 25 criteria for hiring someone.

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