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Originally Posted by ODog View Post
This is slightly off-topic to the OP, but I'll mention it anyway. We had an intentional foul as horn sounded to signal the end of a 4-point game. Foul was correctly whistled and signaled.

Since we weren't going to be shooting the FTs (would not affect the outcome), we didn't report the foul either and declared the game over. Had it been flagrant, different story of course. We would've reported, but still no FTs/game over.
Technically, you should report anyways, and then game over, though I get it, I probably wouldn't either. I haven't had an intentional like this, but have had common fouls that we ignore. With an intentional, I don't think its a big deal. You mentioned flagrant, report for sure, but I would even report a Tech, as some schools have their whatever policy for players/coaches who get technical fouls.
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