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Originally Posted by youngump View Post
You said that this call was more understandable because the team was getting creamed. I'm having trouble reconciling that statement with the idea that you're going to keep calling a fair game. Either the fact that the team is behind matters or it doesn't. And if it matters then you are no longer calling a fair game.

I'm also a little bit skeptical about the idea that down 18 early in the game in college is getting creamed. In this particular game, that 18 point lead turned into a 3 point lead before halftime.
I did not like the call. I did not watch the game. Experience will be your best teacher. Iím trying to reconcile why he thought it was necessary to cross floor. 1st half is early for game management mode. There will be times when the score is a factor in what you call or donít call. You will miss calls, I wil miss calls. If a team is getting pummeled Iím more likely to step in if you just blew a call. Again, experience will tell you when to do it or not. This may have not been right time.
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