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Originally Posted by CJP View Post
I know one school paid about $7500 (installed) for new shot clock equipment. It is not that expensive.
Originally Posted by Bad Zebra View Post

That’s a hell of a lot more than I would have guessed...that IS expensive.
I'm in the "expensive" camp. Let's assume a school hosts 50 combined varsity and JV games in a season. Now take the cost of the shot clock and divide by 50 to get $150/per game. To reduce that down to the $5 raise that a 3-person official in, say, Wisconsin, could certainly use would take 10 years (150/10=15, 15/3=5). So investing in a shot clock could conceivably set back a modest $5 officials' pay raise by 10 years (and that's just the varsity officials; this says nothing for sub-varsity officials). That would be a significant loss in pay after inflation.

I'm in a state right now where I think the pay is frankly too high, but in lots of places it's way too low with severe reluctance to raise it. Yet we feel obligated to mandate a shot clock? wonder Wisconsin reconsidered it's shot clock dictum last year. That was a smart decision.

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