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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
Well, are you sure? What would the rule be? Only varsity? There are schools that have multiple gyms. So it could drastically increase the budget of many schools. Heck schools a few years ago were complaining about not being able to buy new uniforms in just one sport, so not sure why this is not a bigger expense. Granted it might be mostly a one-time big expense up front, but that is still a big expense.

My idea of a high school basketball budget is all basketball related personnel (coaches, clock operators, and officials) , equipment and uniforms for grades 9-12. If you only want to "charge" the cost of the clocks to the teams that use them, I see them used at the V, Jv, and freshman levels. Most programs I see have 4 coaches (boys and girls). It is a safe bet that those 4 coaches have a combined salary of $15K.

If you don't like what the cost of clocks will be, let your local school board know. The cost to me as a taxpayer was not noticeable (at least the way things work in my parts).

My state has them. I like them. I did not go broke paying for them.
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