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As said earlier, the horn/"buzzer" isn't relevant here. If the try still had a chance to go in then the try is not over and you can penalize all fouls. (whether you should is another story and something id have to see...) But if you have a big two handed shove..then penalize. Free throws for that foul are part of that quarter since foul occurred before ball dead/qtr over. Once you are sure the try has no chance to go in, the try is over, ball is dead and quarter is over. Contact is ignored at this point unless flagrant or intentional.

Any foul called after ball had no chance to go in/quarter over then it must be intentional or flagrant foul. Regular contact is ignored...If you call intentional or flagrant foul and the score is tied then the OT will start with the FTs from this foul. Because the 4th qtr was over when you made the call. If the score is not tied, A is down by two, (we don't know if we are going to overtime... shoot FTS as part of 4th qtr.). If A makes both, OT. if he misses one, game over.
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