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Originally Posted by Shooter14 View Post
Was just thinking about this last night for some reason. What if:

Team A is in the bonus and down 2, A1 heaves a half court shot just before the buzzer. The buzzer sounds, the ball hits the rim, bounces up and B3 and A2 both are going for rebound (let's say the gym is so loud they can't hear the horn). B3 pushes A2 hard enough (trying to keep him from getting a last second tip-in) where you can't ignore it. It's after the buzzer sounds but during the try. What would you do?

I know the ball is still live during a try. But you could not shoot free throws for any other foul that occurred after the buzzer so I was just wondering. Would you just report the foul and game over still?
Key here is where is the ball when it bounces up. If it is definitely outside the cylinder it could be argued the ball is now dead. 4-41-4 (The try ends when it is certain the try is unsuccessful). And if that occurs first, the subsequent contact is ignored unless ruled intentional or flagrant. If any part of the ball is still within the cylinder above the rim it remains live and the personal foul could be called.

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