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Originally Posted by ballgame99 View Post
I agree 100% with this and subscribe to this philosophy fully. The play in question was well above this level of judgement, I just don't think my partner had the angle to see the contact that I saw. Or based on his comments he was looking low when the contact was high. But I have had partners call an "over the back" right in my kitchen from across the lane when I am looking directly at the play. That should be avoided at all costs.
But the play you described was in his lap. And if you stick your leg out to create contact, I do not care what other contact took place, I am probably passing on that play too. There is a big emphasis at many levels not to call the offensive initiated contact. He told you that he saw the contact below and you basically are saying he did not see what you saw, so you called it anyway. That is where I would be mad as an official, not because you felt you saw something. He did not say he was screened or surprised by the contact.

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