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Originally Posted by crosscountry55 View Post
What the gentleman from Illinois meant to say, coaches and general lurkers are welcome here (except when posing as fanboys in March)! We just ask that you ID yourself as such so that we can be a little patient. Among officials...well, we have a little tendency to eat our young.
That is actually not what I meant to say. I teach classes and when someone asks a question like this, I ask questions to help them get to the real answer. Usually, they learn better than me just saying, "The count starts....." because they do not understand the logic in the long run. I ask questions so that they can work through the logic of the rules and understand the rule itself. And the people in my classes are often rather new with some experience or never have officiated a day in their life. Many come from the coaching and player ranks and often think a rule is one way or what it was when they were playing. I am very clear about my position. When people are not officials on this site, they could make that known like many have over the years. It is clear this is an official's forum, not a fanboy site where people there assume all kinds of things with rules. I do not think there is anything wrong with asking questions to help people draw the conclusion.

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