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Are you looking for something more than "it's the rule?" This is from an old column by Jerry Markbreit (sp?):

Say a receiver makes a leaping catch along the sidelines, lands with one foot inbounds, hops on that foot, remaining inbounds, then brings the second down out of bounds. Is this a catch? Is one foot in bounds twice the equivalent of two feet in? --Bryan Schwerer, Cary, N.C.

There is an old saying coined by John Madden: "One knee equals two feet." This is true; however, both feet must land inbounds in order to have a successful catch. If the receiver lands on one foot and hops on the same foot so that the foot touches inbounds twice, it is an incomplete forward pass. If the receiver touches inbounds with ANY part of his body other than hands or feet, he has completed the requirement for a successful reception.
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