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Originally Posted by Manny A View Post
Well, if he said that to me, then I would immediately change Maddy from F1 to F3 on my card since he just announced the change, and not allow the CR.
This plays out I feel a little bit like an Abbott and Costello routine. Let's call the correct pitcher former firstbaseman Kennedy.

Coach: I want to courtesy run for my pitcher Kennedy at first base.

Ump: You can't do that coach, Maddy is your pitcher.

C: No, I switched them up.

U: You didn't report it, so we're sticking with Maddy is your pitcher.

C: Fine, well Maddy's been playing first base, but if you say she's my pitcher I'll CR for her.

U: Maddy's been on first base; then you can't courtesy run for her. I'll update my line up card.

C: So I can't put Maddy in because she's the first baseman.

U: No.

C: So who's my pitcher?

U: Kennedy

C: So I want to CR for Kennedy.

U: [go back to the first line and repeat a few times but eventually this ends with Kennedy being CR for]

I think the bigger conundrum is that you might not know or remember who was actually the last pitcher. But BY RULE, that's the player they can CR for and your card doesn't change that. And if you can't figure out who was pitching your going to have to make your best guess and stick with it, but there's got to be somebody he can courtesy run for.

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