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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
That is not quite the rule. If a player "gathers" with a foot on the floor (and the other off the floor), then that foot is the pivot. They cannot lift and bring that foot back to the floor without violating the traveling rule. That is the same rule in both NF and NCAA.

Yes I agree. They, like the NCAA , want to be liberal with when the gather is completed, and like we see here, their interpretation is that the gather is completed with both feet off the ground, then he comes down 1 2, voila, not a travel.

I think they try to make the travel more understandable with their change in the verbiage, but I don't see a difference in what a travel is. maybe someone out there can show me I'm wrong, and I might be. I am confident this 'gather' issue is seen in a lot of potential travel situations, even as simple as many layups, if you look closely. All high levels they want that called very loosely, from what I've seen, and I agree with that philosophy.
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