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Originally Posted by bucky View Post

As highly trained professionals, they disdainfully ignore any chatter from the peanut gallery. They received their early instruction from their dad.

FWIW, the highly trained professional who was present on the court during this action is a colleague of theirs. His professional judgement is, likewise, beyond reproach.

He also received extensive early training and continuing tutelage from his dad.

Maybe you'd like to take it up with his dad, Joe DeRosa.

Any other questions?
Sure, why was he watching neither the ball handler nor defender at the beginning of the clip? Why are NBA refs wearing such tight shirts? Why was he briefly straightlined with the Harden and the ball? Why do some refs signal a made 3 with 2 arms up and others only one? How does it feel to be a national champion? Why do NBA referees change shirt designs so often? Do NBA refs actually look/find a pivot foot when someone holds the ball? Why did you father stop officiating NBA but continue at other levels? There are too many to list in one post?

It isn't the judgement being questioned rather the logic in applying one rule and possibly not another. The NBA explained the non-travel call. If only they explained many others. Won't happen because no one likes to be questioned. That would mean transparency, lol.
If some rules are never enforced, then why do they exist?
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