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Originally Posted by ilyazhito View Post
Even though most subvarsity officials will never work varsity, I still believe that a valid approach for training would be to treat all officials in training as if they had varsity potential, and then choose the best of those in training to be added to the current varsity staff, with the next tier doing spot varsity assignments as needed. In this way, advancement would become more objective than subjective, because there would be evaluations of officials working, rules exams, practical tests, and other objective criteria to rank officials.

I wouldn't say that varsity officials do not work subvarsity games when available to do so, because their input would be very useful to the newer official that has a subvarsity schedule (I don't know how useful that would be to the veteran subvarsity official (5+ years with no varsity experience)). However, later start times would make sense for working officials, especially if the games are spread over a wide geographic area and travel is required.
Advancement is always going to be subjective to a certain extent. The majority of officials think they are better than they are, better than the evaluations they receive indicate. And that includes officials working primarily subvarsity basketball. There's no reason to opine about a Utopia of fairness because there will always be officials who think the deck is stacked against them.

Many varsity officials want nights off when they're not working varsity games. Completely reasonable; most of us have family, pets, jobs, etc. You can't force people to officiate.

Yes, later start times are very helpful, but ultimately it's up to the schools. For multiple reasons they don't want to do this; eventually they will be forced to.
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